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1st March 2021

Quels sont nos droits suite à la pandémie - Repensez vos affaires

Une série de webinaires destinée à appuyer les entrepreneurs et dirigeants dans le contexte actuel.

25th March 2021

Workshop/Atelier: L'art de prendre soin de soi

Caroline Rochon

EXPANDING Business horizons

Le Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la capitale nationale, thanks to its many activities in business development and entrepreneurship, its support to member companies and the resources it provides, which includes tools, training and conferences, the organization is positioning itself as a partner of networking, influence and excellence.

We are francophones working for and with francophones and francophiles aiming at making our region a national economic hub.

Passion, economic vision, commitment and business development are all elements that make the RGA an excellent choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes in the nation's capital region.

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Regroupement des gens d'affaires
The RGA is a must for french-speaking business owners and francophiles. Our organization is one that brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, ethnocultural entrepreneurs as well as the self-employed.

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