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Statement on the results of the 2019 Federal Election

October 22, 2019

Ottawa, October 22, 2019 – On behalf of Le RGA, President Yves Ducharme and Director-General Lise Sarazin extend our congratulations to all Members of Parliament and to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada on its re-election in yesterday’s 2019 Federal Election.

Canadians have spoken and they have elected a Minority 43 rd Parliament. They have entrusted a Liberal Government with a mandate to work collaboratively with other parties – to grow our economy; provide for a balance of fiscal stimulus and a return to a balanced Budget; demonstrate a continued commitment to moving towards a low-carbon economy; and to support bilingualism.

‘’The RGA hopes that the government will continue its economic momentum and will maintain the mood favorable to the economic growth of the national capital’’, explained Yves Ducharme.

With a Minority Parliament, the Government of Canada has a unique opportunity to demonstrate leadership and undertake bold action to improve our economy and support our business community, particularly for those businesses that are the backbone of the National Capital Region.

RGA stands ready to work with the Government of Canada and the governments of Ontario, Gatineau and Ottawa to advance Transportation Infrastructure initiatives that are critical to moving goods and bilingual talent across Provincial boundaries; refashion our tax regime to ensure a competitive climate for investment, particularly in our important technology sectors; labour and workforce development initiatives to attract, train and retain talent for Gatineau-Ottawa; and of course to promote bilingualism through the preservation of French in primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions and the adoption of bilingual services in the retail business and visitor-economy sectors.

Through its leadership, the RGA promotes the mobilization of economic partners, on both sides of the Ottawa River, to ensure economic prosperity, an unequaled quality of life and bilingual services.


Yves Ducharme

Lise Sarazin

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