Whether its business development or expertise, knowledge acquisition, awareness and exploration of priority issues in the economic context of the nation’s capital, the RGA is a must for businesses in and around the nation’s capital. Its an organization that brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, ethnocultural entrepreneurs and self-employed workers.

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Mission, Vision and Philosophy

The mission of RGA is to boost the economic growth of the region by expanding the business horizons of member companies by providing numerous opportunities for development, support and information by connecting both sides of the river in the capital region.

By organizing networking events, training and conferences, and giving access to relevant experts, information and resources, the RGA promotes economic growth of its members and the sustainability of their business through:

  • Business development opportunities;
  • Opportunities for partnerships and collaboration;
  • Support in communication and marketing ;
  • Support in brand architecture and corporate image ;
  • Training in human resource management ;
  • Training in funding for new/immigrant entrepreneurs

Essentially the philosophy of the RGA is that, as a pivotal organization, it must set an example by putting good business development habits into practice, as well as corporate recognition that will ensure that its members radiate within the nation’s capital and even beyond its borders.