Join the RGA and take advantage of the various networking activities, information sessions, resources and training courses, business aid programs, the Web platform, and the various partnerships and services offered to grow your business.

In short, being a member of the RGA means investing in the company, its industry, development and success.

Become a member

What sets the RGA apart from other organizations alike is its ability to allow companies to come into contact with other companies. Whether it’s to exchange ideas, points of view or even knowledge. It may also be to build a network of contacts or to explore business development paths. The RGA is a manner of support for businesses, entrepreneurs and self-employed members.

Being a member of RGA gives the opportunity to evolve as a business or entrepreneur and to be able to take advantage of our strength in numbers to perfect your entrepreneurial knowledge.

Being a member of RGA gives the ability to meet other companies in the context of :

  • Motivation ;
  • Acquisition and expanding of knowledge ;
  • Exchange and collaboration ;
  • Development of opportunities.

Whether its business to business, business to client or whether you are a startup company, an established or newly established company in the area, or even self employed, RGA is the best organization to better understand the reality of the economic sector and be able to work in a positive and effective way. By choosing RGA, you are relying on the success of our brand to broaden your business horizons!

To register with the RGA, you must complete the online registration form and make a payment for the annual subscription.

Available memberships

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9 employees and less SUBSCRIBE
Non-profit organization SUBSCRIBE
Self employed worker SUBSCRIBE
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Member benefits

The RGA is networking, business development, education, mentoring, business and entrepreneurship support, events, conferences, guides, a calendar of events and services in marketing communications.

As a member of the RGA you will have access to a set of resources that allow you to better understand your business reality according to your network, to communicate with other entrepreneurs and to build build a network of contacts in order to develop collaborations. You’ll also find suppliers of products and services in the area and find long-term business contacts or even partnerships.

Being a member of the RGA grants you the ability to access a platform, a hub, a crossroads where all businesses can broaden their business horizons and hone their entrepreneurial culture.

Events Calendar

The RGA has created a calendar of events in which all its members can view and add to their agendas. These events include the annual meeting, training courses and conferences, networking events, the annual Excellence Gala and other special events.

Members Directory

The RGA has created a directory of its members so that everyone can access information relevant to their fields of activity, expertise and access to their products and services.

In addition, be it collaborations, partnerships or service providers, the membership directory is intended to facilitate access to information that is relevant and which could have a positive impact on the business development of each member of the RGA.