The RGA’S Committee

We are offering our members the opportunity to get even more involved in the business community by volunteering with our organization on one of our committees.

They are then required to collaborate with the Director for the develoment of every event, activity and training offered. By becoming a volunteer on one of our committees, you will have the chance to develop your skills in project or team management, develop your network and to participate in the growth of our organization.

Several volunteer positions are already filled for 2020-2021 mandate. To find out more about our different committees and their requirements, feel free to write to the following address:

Here are the different committees:

GO Alliance: the GO Alliance formed between the RGA, the Chambre de commerce de Gatineau and the Ottawa Board of Trade aims to confirm economic development priorities for the entire national capital's region. (Michel Boulet, Lise Sarazin & Bernadette Sarazin)

Events and memberships: create educational events that provide added value to our members in order to offer them support. The committee also makes sure to develop new events for the economic development of our region. (Francois Carrière, Liane Brière, Julie Potvin, Josiane Barebereho & Rejean Thibault)

Gala: creation and production of an event that highlights entrepreneurs and business people who have stood out in the past year. 

Governance: at the RGA, governance implies that a capacity of members will assume full responsibility in the management, direction and conduct of the affairs of our organization. (Michel Boulet & Jeanne-Hélène Tardivel)

Gala nomination: create a rigorous and fair appointment process to appoint innovative business people from our area. (Danni Ann Robichaud & Bernadette Sarazin)

Strategic planning: develop the strategic axis of our organization within the national capital's region and ensure its development for the next five years. (Josiane Barebereho & Denis Bouchard)

Finances: Francois Carrière, Joëlle Drouin & Chales Castonguay

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Regroupement des gens d'affaires
The RGA is a must for french-speaking business owners and francophiles. Our organization is one that brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, ethnocultural entrepreneurs as well as the self-employed.

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